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This service is designed for industry professionals such as architects, landscape architects and planners.  With over 27 years experience, Treespace Solutions can meet you and your clients’ needs.

Step 1.  Meeting and site visit

To ensure we address your needs, we start our process with a meeting.  In your time and at a place of your choosing, we fully discuss the survey required, cite any preliminary paperwork and ensure we have a full description of your requirements.

From there, we visit the site, and work with your chosen land surveyor to build a complete picture of the site for you.

Step 2. We contact you with preliminary findings

Once the survey is complete, we issue you and your surveyor with preliminary findings.  These can be over the phone or via email, and generally consist of top line findings and any exceptions as it’s important you have a fast “heads up”.

Step 3.  Your tailored report comes to you

Within 5 working days or faster by agreement, you’ll have the survey results which you can include in your permit applications or issue to your clients.  While we hold the expertise, we appreciate it’s your document so will work with you to meet any timeframes or inclusions.